Santiago Gonzales

Principal Software Engineer
University of Colorado at Denver M.S. Computer Science 1993
University of Colorado at Denver B.S. Computer Science 1990
University of Colorado at Denver M.S. Accounting 2005
Mobile and multiplatform desktop development using Dart and Flutter.
Multiplatform desktop development using Kotlin.
Mobile and desktop budgeting software based on Dart/Flutter technologies.
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Highly dependable full stack Principal Software Engineer with 30 years' experience in designing and developing robust and scalable software. Accomplished in architecting and implementing software systems for high profile customers and product suites. Extensive history of working collaboratively with both local and global teams. Versed in mentoring others, scheduling, and coordinating projects. Brings drive, creativity, and sense of ownership to any team.
Java (21 Years), JavaScript (20 Years), HTML (20 Years), CSS (20 Years), XML (13 Years), SQL (13 Years), Json (10 Years), Angular (4 Years), Kotlin (1 Year)
Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Elasticsearch, Liberty, WebSphere, Velocity, JUnit5, Bootstrap, Vertx, JQuery, Guava, Guice, Jackson, JAXB, Swagger, Thymeleaf, Hibernate, JPA, Flyway, Log4J, Logback, Jetty, Tomcat, Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Intellij IDEA, Eclipse, Gradle, Maven, Ant, Git, SVN, CVS, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Selenium, Jenkins, Eclipse CHE, Docker, VMware, JSF, JavaFX, OSGi, C++, C, Flash/Flex, ActionScript 3.0, Perl, Prototype, Scriptaculous, Wickets, Swing, Spring, Struts, JSP, SGML, J2EE, EJB, JET, JBoss, Sybase, Gemstone (Object Oriented Database), Db4o (Object Oriented Database), Oracle Coherence, Cognos, Crystal Reports, Galaxy, Rogue Wave, Apache, Node, SockJS, WebSockets, Rest Services, Agile/Scrum, OOA/OOD, UML, Architectural Design, Software Process, Documentation, Unix System Administration
Kaiser Permanente, Englewood, CO Principal Software Engineer January 2018 — Present
  • Leading a team that is developing a transgender care application.
  • Designed and developed new features in a health care provider management system.
  • Worked extensively to update and maintain software for a large enterprise call center application.
  • Effective in development in all stack layers from server, to client, to database layers. Able to function in any capacity on the team.
  • Greatly reduced the time it takes to setup the application server layers by automating source and server setup.
  • Prolific in addressing ongoing defects in new development and production environments.
Software AG, Highlands Ranch, CO Lead Software Engineer Apr 2011 — Nov 2017
  • Designed and developed business process integration software, which includes both service oriented architecture and business process management systems (BPMS).
  • Worked extensively with high profile customers to resolve product issues, provide consulting support, and implement customizations.
  • Led global team through design and development of a new cloud based BPMS integrated development environment.
  • Created a custom application for a multimillion-dollar customer account to migrate tasks from multiple source task servers onto a new or existing task server.
  • Added new product features to Task Engine for WebMethods BPMS suite.
  • Enhanced BPMS WebMethods MWS portlet server by adding new features and improving existing functionality.
  • Elevated customer experience and increased retention by implementing application to ease transitioning to a new version of MWS software.
  • Improved BPMS build process through implementation of a new fix build tool, adopted by multiple teams globally, resulting in faster delivery of bug fixes to customers.
Jeppesen Inc., Englewood, CO Senior Software Engineer Oct 2010 — Mar 2011
  • Designed and developed Geospatial Viewer to display airport navigational information.
  • Enhanced processing software to ingest raw airport navigation information and apply transformations to data according to specified rules.
Software AG, Bellevue, WA Senior Software Engineer Nov 2008 — Sep 2010
  • Designed and developed new features to extend the Composite Application Framework development environment for WebMethods BPMS suite.
  • Enhanced MWS software by adding new features and improving existing functionality.
  • Implemented ARIS Align, a Facebook/LinkedIn like social website, with tools to allow improved collaboration and communication over business process design and modeling.
Amgen, Seattle, WA Senior Programmer/Systems Analyst Jun 2006 — Nov 2008
  • Drove the use of innovative technology to create a rich Internet application to generate metadata for imaged document content.
  • Architected and implemented software allowing users to track lab instrument controller computers.
  • Designed and developed scientific data conversion tools.
  • Created XML Schema and software to export metadata from one enterprise system to another.
  • Enhanced application to allow the inventory and request management of cellular material.
  • Applied RUP/OOA/OOD methodology to drive requirements and created prototype for a blood product request system using flash/flex technology.
  • Developed sample and assay reports for bioinformatics data.
  • Created scripts to migrate lab notebook tracking data to a new lab notebook tracking system.
Independent Contractor, Denver, CO Senior Software Engineer Jan 2004 — Apr 2006
  • Designed, developed, and maintained bioinformatics software supporting US Geological Survey scientists.
  • Implemented an accounting asset management tracking system for the City of Denver.
  • Enhanced and developed storm drainage billing system for the City of Denver.
  • Created storm and sanitary drainage web applications to perform customer property liens for the City of Denver.
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Denver, CO IT Assurance Summer Internship (CU Student Internship) Jun 2005 — Aug 2005
  • Evaluated the internal controls of information technology and business processes.
  • Analyzed multiple client’s information technology, organizational structure, and accounting information systems.
SynXis Corporation, Denver, CO Lead Software Engineer Sep 1999 — Dec 2003
  • Architected generic hotel web booking interface, designed to allow customers to query for room availability and make online reservations.
  • Enhanced reservation back-end booking engine to improve performance and extend functionality.
  • Architected application enabling hotels to customize look and feel of web booking interface.
  • Created web reporting application that generates various HTML/PDF reports based on hotel rate/room information and customer booking information.
  • Developed web application to allow hotel personnel to specify rate, room, and booking policy.
  • Coordinated with Management to determine software implementation estimates and schedules.
  • Interacted with Customer Product Analyst to generate software requirements.
  • Performed staff interviews and conducted yearly reviews.
  • Mentored engineers in application design and user interface development.
The Hibbert Group, Denver, CO Senior Software Engineer Aug 1998 — Sep 1999
  • Coordinated with Requirements Analyst to determine task estimates and schedule.
  • Designed and enhanced multiple e-commerce product inventory web applications.
  • Created message formatting application to maintain and update Oracle database.
US West, Denver, CO Senior Software Engineer Jun 1994 — Jul 1998
  • Designed and implemented a Netscape Web Application Interface (CGI) plug-in to service HTTP requests and filter HTML content, based on user preferences.
  • Developed a document administration tool allowing multiple users to catalog, define permissions, and classify documents.
Hughes Aircraft Company, Aurora, CO Software Engineer May 1990 — Jun 1994
  • Designed generic C++ classes for use in multiple developments, allowing data to be modeled and displayed in tabular format.
  • Demonstrated scheduling of Space Shuttle refurbishing operations by development of client-server application.
  • Developed code that graphically displayed timeline of resources and allowed interactive schedule editing.